Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to my first blog! This should be an interesting adventure. Thanks for visiting and be sure to stay tuned as I share information on how I am transforming my life from mainstream, go-with-the-flow to crunchy, hippie-tree-hugger, natural. This journey will be a fun and difficult one, but it’ll be worth the ride.
Trail Mixy?
Last year, while pregnant for the first time, I had been trying to figure out how to explain myself and my lifestyle. A coworker asked me how I would describe myself. I laughingly answered, “preggo.” She said no, another word. I thought about it and said it, yep, “knocked up.” Again she said no. She asked if I’d heard of being called granola and I said yes. She asked if I considered myself granola, as in am I going to raise my child naturally and with no vaccinations and all of that. I said that we would be going the more natural route, but we were undecided on vaccines and other things that we’d encounter. Another co worker looked at me, in my boho thirft store blouse and flowy green cotton skirt, with my leather jacket and faux shearling boots, and answered that I was not granola or mainstream, I was more….trail mix.
So there you have it: that is where trial mixy comes from, the perfect description of my life.