Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clutter-Free Challenge

I am following a blog that is hosting a Clutter-Free 15 Day challenge. It sounds like it is up my ally, though I am not tying myself down to accomplishing it all in 15 days, because, for me, that is not realistic.

This is the prayer she suggests starting with. I have added my name with her's.

Heavenly Father, You alone know my heart as I start this challenge.  You know the depth of my discouragement and the loss of my hope that I’ll ever be free of the clutter in my life.  So today, as I take this step with Glynnis, Trailmixy Melanie, and other many others, I’m asking for Your help.  Help me have Your perspective on the areas of my life that feel overwhelming.  Clear my mind of the negative chatter.  Protect me from an enemy who wants to confuse and defeat me.  Reveal his lies and replace them with Your truth about my worth and potential.  With Your help I believe I can make progress.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Won't you join in this Clutter-Free adventure?

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