Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ahhh....A Stolen Few Hours

Do you ever find that it almost feels sinful when you are able to steal away a few hours to yourself to just enjoy your family?
Today I spent the majority of the day enjoying my life as a mama to two young girls. I rode my bike with the girls in the trailer all around town for our town's celebration. We started at the library's water fight, complete with the firetruck's hose and sprinkler. We crossed the street to the north to get free ice cream sandwiches from the school administration.Then we enjoyed the free hot dogs and pop at the party store across the street to the west. From there we rode to the main highway and got another hot dog and drink from the gas station. The girls enjoyed the free combs from the barber shop. We went to see the new chiropractor in town from there. Finally we rode back, got the mail, and came home.

We enjoyed frozen banana and chocolate 'ice cream' (really just blended banana chunks blended to an ice cream consistency). We ended by hanging out in the kiddie pool on the patio. Fun!

Now, with the littlest one down for the night and the older one super excited for the fireworks tonight, we are enjoying some 'chill' time on the couch. What a nice way to end a nice day!

How do you feel when you steal away a few hours? What do you do with your stolen hours?

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